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Freedom to show up and coach like the coach you’re meant to be.

Gain from the perspective of an experienced and respected coach

Angela Watson

Angela Watson is an experienced and respected coach trainer, who has been training professional coaches for 10+ years. She works across the globe speaking on the delivery and facilitation of transformational coaching practices and teaching NHS doctors and leaders how to have compassionate and empowering conversations with patients and their teams.

Monthly coach mentoring

  • Individual coach mentoring/supervision with Angela
  • Sessions include coaching, mentoring, and training – it’s your agenda. You choose.
  • 60 minute monthly sessions via Zoom.
  • Bring your toughest challenge!

want to know if coaching beyond the toolkit is right for you?

What is Coaching Beyond The Toolkit All About?

are you limiting your impact?

When first starting out, most new coaches love to learn tools, models and techniques to help structure their coaching sessions. It was the same for me.

But there comes a time when a more fluid and intuitive way of coaching makes more sense, and it’s usually accompanied by a preoccupation with insecure thinking such as – ‘should I be coaching like that?’, ‘am I doing it ‘right’, ‘will I get found out?’ ‘what do I say now?’…

which gets in the way of great coaching.

Does this sound familiar to you?

does this sound like you?

You don’t want to spend more money on another long coach training course. And you’re not a coach who needs validation or any more letters after your name.

You’re an experienced coach who wants to have more impact and go deeper with your clients, without learning rafts of tools and techniques, or feeling like a fraud.

want to know if coaching beyond the toolkit is right for you?


…what a game-changing impact you could have if you were no longer limited by insecure thinking or ‘self-doubt’, and you were free to coach however you choose.

What if coaching felt more enjoyable, and that underlying feeling of ‘not good enough’, was a thing of the past.

…what else could be possible if you were to show up as a ‘normal’ human being and coach in your own unique way, which goes way beyond the tools and techniques we all learned in coaching school, with the confidence to coach in a way that’s liberating for you and your clients?

That’s why I created Coaching Beyond The Toolkit

want to know if coaching beyond the toolkit is right for you?

What People Are Saying

“Angela’s personal style, her wisdom, kindness, and humour and natural ability to connect with me, made the whole learning experience so enjoyable. I am privileged to have been trained by Angela who is truly an expert in her field.”

Clare G. Learning & Development Lead

“Angela is one of the most talented trainers I’ve ever worked alongside. She has an instinct for what is needed for growth and will use a stunning imagination and well honed knowledge to create the opportunity for it. Intuitive, caring, considerate, flexible, and fun. In her work and in her life she dreams, envisions, and makes it happen.”

Sue White. Master Coach, Supervisor, Trainer

“Angela is wise, experienced and inspirational. She not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes her students to exceed their personal boundaries, think for themselves, and go beyond, to gain deeper insights, broader horizons, and greater self-awareness. Angela has opened my eyes to possibilities way beyond my ken.”

Alastair B. CIO. IT Director

“I was fortunate enough to spend four days with Angela earlier this month as part of a group of 12 NHS employees learning to be coaches. I was very impressed with Angela’s depth of knowledge as a coach, and also by the way she delivered the training course. She was able to adjust her pace to the needs of the group and I felt like we had a course that was tailored to us. I was amazed by the amount of content that we had covered by the end of four days and by the amount of confidence that we had gained as coaches. I would definitely recommend anybody who is interested in learning to be a coach to work with Angela.”

Tom L. Consultant Clinical Scientist

“Angela exudes warmth. In everything she does you can see how much she cares about people, and how committed she is to seeing them learn and reach their potential. When you’re in a room with Angela, you feel invincible – like you can achieve everything you want to and more! Angela has a wealth of coaching knowledge and experience and this is evident in the clarity and depth with which she covers course content. She is open and giving with stories and insights from her own experience and this really enriches the learning experience. By sharing her vulnerability, she allows you to go deeper – to have those moments of insight you wouldn’t otherwise have had. I am totally inspired by Angela’s approach to coaching and life. As a result of this experience I am a better person and a better coach and for that I’m truly grateful.”

Meg A. Researcher in Psycholgical Science

“A belief in excellence, a belief that anything is possible if you really want it sums up my experience of the training programme delivered by the hugely talented Angela Watson. Her belief that people really do have all the resources they need to enable greatness to flourish, was a constant source of energy and positivity to me, throughout the whole experience. For me it was an inspiring journey of discovery learning more about being me, and being me with others. It was a hugely insightful experience.”

Marion S. Executive Coach

want to know if coaching beyond the toolkit is right for you?

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