6 Nature Tips For Surviving Lockdown This Christmas

Can you imagine, walking in Nature, and suddenly having a massive insight about how nature, animals, and ourselves are all connected? Experiencing a feeling of oneness and seeing that everyone is whole and complete? Seeing that we are not separate? And that the health and well-being of one benefits the health of others?

That’s exactly what happened to me about a year ago. It was as if time stood still. With every step I felt I was ‘of the Earth’. In that moment I had a realisation that if more people understood this, there would be less suffering in the world and more love for life – in all its forms. Because people protect what they love.

When you get quiet and connect with Nature, your soul starts to speak to you, with little nudges of ‘wouldn’t it be cool if…? There and then I decided I wanted to help thousands of people see this for themselves.

So I’m on a mission to not only wake people up to the wonder of nature, but to support the planet in remembering who they are – our true nature.

This year, many people who are not usually accustomed to spending time outdoors, have found solace in Nature. And with the recent news of the Christmas lockdown, ‘going out to the nature’ (Ut i Naturen in Swedish :-)) will offer a sensory, nurturing haven of peace and tranquility, once again.

So, to maximise the benefits of spending time in Nature, I’ve put together 6 Top Nature Tips For Surviving Lockdown…

  1. If you have a dog (and even if you don’t ) go for walks often. Tune into your dog’s and/or your natural way of being.
  2. Allow time for exercise but also time for wandering slowly.
  3. Allow yourself to wander, slow down, sniff, look, touch, and listen.
  4. Notice the scents and sounds as you walk.
  5. If you take your dog, use a long line that gives you and your dog space to stop, sniff, and wander, without tugging on each other.
  6. Let the urge to check your phone or take a picture pass.

“When I’m among the trees, especially the willows and the honey locust, equally the beech, the oaks, and the pines, they give off such hints of gladness. I would almost say that they save me daily.” ~ from When I Am Among The Trees, by Mary Oliver.

Love you lots,

Angela xx

P.S Please share this post with anyone who would appreciate it.

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