My Wonky Cottage

Like many of you, I’ve been confined to my home for the multiple Covid 19 Lockdowns, and remarkably this has suited me. I’ve pretty seamlessly moved all my work online, and finally (after15 years), I’ve worked out that I don’t need an ‘office’ at home or anywhere else. I just need space for a desk and a chair, (rather than the sofa), and with a little jiggery-pokery, I’ve created that space in the living room – albeit next to the dog food freezer!! (well… in a wonky cottage, you might expect things to end up in wonky places!).

Hence the NEW name for this blog – The Wonky Cottage.

The wonky cottage from the back

My wonky cottage, which I bought in 2006, and I (if I’m being honest I mean ‘we’, or actually I should say ‘he’, my other half, as he did all the work) renovated, dates back to the 1600’s. It’s full of rustic charm, cosy beams, and wonky walls. I bought it originally just for me and my two cats. Soon after it was alive with two grown ups, two children, the two cats, and three dogs. It was mayhem…but not in a bad way. Today it’s home to me and my other half, and our two dogs.

This blog is a place to show all the wonderful things I’m creating that I couldn’t find room for before due to the hours spent travelling for my consulting work – workshops, retreats, t-shirts – as well as sharing pictures, and helping you (and me), explore how we want to live and work, once the doors are opened…

Welcome to The Wonky Cottage

Lots of love,


Published by Angela Watson

I write and talk about the stuff that's inspired my own journey so far, the lessons I’ve learned, and the insights I’ve seen that have made a difference to the way I live and the lives of others. I have a penchant for wonky cottages, modern rustic interiors, and golden retrievers. I also run a training and development consultancy, and I'm the founder of The Tree Shirt Project - supporting global reforestation, one Tree Shirt at a time.

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