Everyone experiences loss and grief in their own way and it’s not a response we can predict.

I used to dread the day when Harry, my Golden Retriever would die. I imagined my heart would break into pieces and couldn’t imagine how I could ever live without him.

I imagined I would write a soul felt tribute to him, make a video, share all of his sporting achievements and rosettes.

I thought I’d get a paw print pendant made.

When the day I arrived, he left his wordly form peacefully.

Then came my tears…for a couple of days, weeks, months, and still now. But the tears were accompanied by the strangest, unexpected feeling.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and consumed by grief, I felt enormous love, joy, and connection to everything.

Naturally I missed his physical presence.

Now there was a quiet space which used to be filled by the sound of him panting.

But joy?


I wasn’t expecting that.

I didn’t do any of the things I once thought I would.

I didn’t write a tribute – others paid tribute to him.

I didn’t have a pendant made.

None of the usual external comforts felt necessary.

And life carried on.

Like all dogs, Harry embraced and celebrated LIFE.

He revelled in the simplest of doggy pleasures…a tennis ball, a blade of grass, surfing the waves, a kind word.

That’s what he did in abundance. Naturally. Without question. Without overthinking it.

Singing the song that was his life.

I will treasure him and his memory for ever.

I love you and miss you Pots…

Angela x