Photo Credit Jason Bath

This beautiful dog is called Berty.

I have the joy, honour, and privilege of loving and living with Him.

I provide food, although He can find his own food.

I provide shelter and warmth, although He can do that himself too.

I make it easy for Him.

We share good times together.

He joins me in some of my human pursuits and I join in Him in his dog pursuits.

We hit it off with each other when He was a few weeks old. It was love at first bite.

We were already connected.

I paid someone money so that I could take care of HIM.

But I don’t own Him, anymore than He owns me.

He’s not mine.

He’s not a trophy, or a status symbol.

He is dog.

I am human.

We are both spirits of Nature, who hang out together.

We are one.

I am blessed.

I love him.

That IS all.

Love Life, Angela xx