Online Workshop

Coaching Beyond The Toolkit – introducing coaching mastery.

Experience the transformative power of coaching beyond the toolkit.

Next Date TBC 2021
1pm (BST)

3 Hours


Coaching with nothing on your mind, coaching from a higher state of awareness: Coaching has the power to impact lives and change the world.

At this event, what you’ll get…

  • 3 hours of live, interactive, immersion into the art of coaching mastery.
  • Explorations, reflections, and exercises to learn this way of tuning in.
  • Facilitation and interaction with Angela Watson
  • Access to the workshop from your desktop or laptop via Zoom.
  • A 30 minute follow up call with Angela on Zoom.
  • A special guest invitation to future workshops.

Register today and get on board for the Coaching Beyond The Toolkit Online Workshop with Angela Watson. Look forward to seeing you in person.

Angela Watson

The Heart and Mind Behind This Workshop

A former nurse turned transformative coach and coach trainer, Angela is passionate about the realisation of who we really are – beyond all our thinking. She sees the deep well-being in everyone and helps her clients wake up to their true nature.

Her warm hearted approach to coaching and facilitation means she has the ability to move from profound insight to lightness and humour to really land a message. She’s an impactful coach and coach trainer.