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The MIndful Listening Retreat

I am a dog owner and leadership coach, dedicated to the mission of:

Developing leaders and their teams

Thrown in at the deep end, leaders are taken out of their businesses and put in a field with one of my boisterous, strong willed Golden Retrievers, and asked to complete a task, by honing their senses and listening to their natural instincts.

Some leaders will be successful and some might struggle. Some will be uncomfortable and some will excel. Some may need additional support, and some will want to ‘tell’ and ‘reason’ with the dog without considering the best way to communicate. But that’s okay – because there’s learning in everything.

Join us in the field with Fido by emailing angela@pawz4thought.com


So you’ve decided you want to take the plunge from employee to self-employed. But where do you start? This is a question that comes up fairly regularly so I thought I’d share the steps I took, which  might be useful to you. When you’re totally responsible for bringing home the bacon – it takes lashings… Read More

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Mike Rawlins has extensive experience as a coach, writer, and musician and as friends, we meet up regularly for inspiring dog walks. He wrote this interesting piece on coaching and mid-life career change.

As always with any coaching scenario the most important step is to work out what the goal is – and to feel able to take the time to do so. What is it then about the ‘over forty’ bit that is relevant and that will help us to work out what we are aspiring towards?

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Career Change – 9 telltale signs that you’re ready Apart from dogs, one of my lifetime passions is personal development. So much so that I walked away from the security and comfort of full time employment and immersed myself in a programme of personal development. Then I started my own business using the personal development… Read More

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In April 2007, after 17 years and 6 months as a successful NHS Professional, I changed for ever. I went home at the end of a particularly enjoyable week, sat down in my lounge and finally changed my job. And it happened in an instant. Although several years of procrastination, it took a milli-second to actually… Read More

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What people say...

Angela is wise, experienced and inspirational. She not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes her clients to exceed their personal boundaries, to gain deeper insights, broaden their horizons and gain greater self-awareness.

I had an extremely surreal experience during a meeting when I decided to be myself, align myself with what’s important to me…and the whole atmosphere of the meeting changed like magic. We spent a lot of time talking about values not just business, it was a more relaxed atmosphere and I got great feedback….you’re a genius!

“Angela is an excellent coach, mentor and facilitator. She demonstrates passion for what she does; and uses a blend of  coaching methods that really work. Angela is warm, encouraging and patient. I would recommend her to anyone seeking the guidance of a highly competent and professional expert in this field”

If you’d told me that day that I’d learn so much from a dog, I’m not sure I’d have believed you. It was invaluable learning I still use 2 years on.


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