“When I started tree shirt clothing I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

A game-changing insight on a dog walk, sparked something inside me, a nudge, which I ignored for 5 months before saying YES.

In that moment I was humbled by the wonder and power of nature. Its beauty, resilience, and resourcefulness. I knew what was needed but I had little idea how to do it. With the help of an illustrator, I created the colourful ‘ Love Life Tree’ design, and handpicked a business to work with, who are sorted ethically in terms of sustainability, and produce stuff that’s good to wear, using natural materials, not designed for landfill.

The first Tree Shirt collection was launched which coincided with the global pandemic, (and my first attempt at running an online store). It was like waving a flag to see if anyone else resonated with the message. They did. We gave all the profits from the launch back to Nature to restore the global forest, and we asked people to share photo’s of themselves wearing their tree shirts, which they did.

Out of this grew the tree shirt community.

Tree Shirt Clothing Founder

“My dream is to enable our community to feel amazing on the inside and out, and live a happy, sustainable life”.

ANGEla, founder of tree shirt clothing

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