Wellbeing coaching, retreats, and workshops

cropped-20171010_17375811.jpgHi, I’m Angela Watson, and I run Country Life Coaching With Dogs, which I set up as a wellbeing coaching service to help busy people, who are feeling overloaded and stuck, to get back up and running as soon as possible.

My journey into coaching with dogs started when somewhere along the busyness of life, I would lose my inner sense of play. So I would escape to the countryside with the dogs and come back not only feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but with space in my head for clearer thinking and new ideas. And through this, my new vision emerged.

I’ve always been a coach, but suddenly the way I was coaching changed. It went from holding consultations in an office with four walls to taking people out of their natural environment, and into the countryside. When I combined nature, dogs, and coaching, I was amazed by the results. Now my soul focus is on helping busy people, unclip their wings and reset their lives, by sharing with them, the practices that have helped me so much.

My coaching is deliberately non-formulaic, intuitive, and purposely designed to help you quickly get up and running again, in a way that’s meaningful and sustainable.

Here’s what one of my colleagues said about my coaching

“Angela has an instinct for what’s needed for growth & will use a stunning imagination & well honed knowledge to create the opportunity for it! Intuitive, caring, considerate, flexible & fun. In her work & in her life, she dreams, envisions & then makes it happen!”

~Sue White, MD, Enigma Coaching

So what are the benefits of my coaching?

My country life coaching can help you to:

  • Discover the areas of life you are most motivated to change
  • Learn how to use small steps to create sustainable change
  • Connect to a deeper sense of meaning in your personal and work life
  • Unleash and maximise your innate potential as a whole person
  • Create more balance in your professional and work life
  • Discover a deep level of peace, calm, and wellbeing.

Welcome to Country Life Coaching With Dogs. I’m glad you’re here.

Sincerely, Angela