cropped-ah-transparentwebsmallauto1.pngHi, I’M ANGELA.

Lover of purple, total mutt nut, mid-life career changer, and fan of YOU!

Yes YOU!

Seriously the world needs YOU. What you do, that only you can do, in the way you do it, with all of YOU shining through. You know, that way that only you know best.



With a name like Angel-a what else could I be?

I’ve always loved helping people. My first career was in the caring profession as a nurse and I LOVED helping really poorly people survive and thrive.

Fast forward quite a few years and Angela Watson the “Guide By The Side”  and “Mid-Life Career Re-Inventor”. I’m not your average career coach.

You see many career experts rely on “prescriptive, one size fits all, single formulas”.  And yes there may be a place for that – but NOT when you’re in transition. In career transition, you need an active process that creates a positive change for you.

And that’s exactly what I set about doing in my corner of the universe…

You see I passionately believe you can tap into the extra-ordinary capacity for change that comes with the energy and experience of mid-life.

Don’t get me wrong. Plunging into the unknown to develop a new career path in your forty’s and fifty’s isn’t always easy. But education about how to navigate career change and start a consultancy business is so much better (cheaper, easier to find, more comprehensive), than it was when I changed.

Once you begin to take the journey, everything starts to fall into place.

Contrary to popular wisdom, career transition is not a straight path, but once you begin to take the journey, everything starts to fall into place.

Some call it Coaching Magic. But to be honest, it’s already in you.

I’m here to help you start using the knowledge and expertise you already have, inspire you with stories of successful career changers, equip you with the tools and techniques that you need, to help you create the working life that’s perfect for you.

I call it the emergent approach to career change. An emergent approach is what I use with my clients and it’s the key to successful career change.

There’s nothing that frustrates me more than seeing highly trained coaches and consultants (like you) who are seriously good at what they do (again, like you), feeling, stuck and overwhelmed at the prospect of taking the plunge and starting something new…

That’s where the emergent approach comes in.

Working together on a monthly basis, uncovering the steps required for successful transition, designing the business model elements and practicalities you need to get started as a coach or consultant, creating a credo that connects with your values, and a portfolio that builds on your expertise. It’s the ultimate career, coaching, and business development experience.

If you’re feeling stuck, teetering on the edge of the diving board, and too scared to take the plunge  sign up for my FREE Mid-Life Career Transition Coaching Series, and I’ll share with you a mini actionbook with 4 killer brain twister questions that you can use yourself or with coaching clients to check out whether what you /they think you/they want is what you/they really want. I’ll even throw in a freebie bonus podcast revealing my secrets of successful career transition.

And don’t forget to check out my other free stuff How To Change Your Career In An Instant and 12 Ways To Tell If You’re Ready For Career Change

Of course, if you’re chomping at the bit to get cracking and create your new “Career After 40” together, I’m limited to the number of private clients I can work with so if you want to find out more and get yourself on the waiting list then click on over here and let’s get started.

Angela x