Hi there. Here’s a ready made coaching tool for you to help your clients move from procrastination to motivation in less than 10 minutes…you can add it to your coaching toolkit, use it with your clients, or even use it as a reflective tool!


(Yes it’s really only £10)

Help your clients to quit planning…

…And start doing!

I have been doing a lot of coaching lately for people who need to make something happen but have been stood on the edge of the metaphorical diving board for far too long and need to start doing!

If this sounds like one of your clients, I’d like to introduce you to The Mini-Motivator (complete with the fancy, new ‘honesty box’ payment system).

Professionally developed, the Mini-Motivator is a bite size coaching tool that can truly enhance your client’s experience and add value.

This is down to earth, practical coaching tool to help your clients get focused quickly on what they want to have happen and how to go about it.

Why is it only £10?

I know that, some people like to try before they buy…and I’m one of them. So I’m offering you the chance to experience for yourself one of the coaching tools I teach on my coaching programmes and to give you advice about how and when to use it with your own clients.

Here’s how it works

Ask me a question about a coaching related issue and I will give you my best advice.  Then I will email you this ready made coaching tool and explain how to use it with clients.

Then, if you feel it’s of some real value to you, I’m hoping you’ll want o pay a fair fee starting from £10.

This means that you can adjust the price to pay whatever amount you’re ready to pay.
To get started, simply click on the “ASK A QUESTION’ button below and follow the instructions.

And that’s it. No showing up for teleclasses or skype – you’ll get your written response within one day, and a coaching tool you can use over and over again to help your clients get the results they want.

As simple as that.


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