There’s Nothing To Do…

I know…that’s a kind of strange thing to say, especially as most people have a lot to do at this time of year, with more on their minds than usual.

And what a year, huh?

Back in 2019, I had an insight that ‘there’s nothing to do.’

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to do NOTHING.

I’m not lazy.

Quite the opposite.

The problem was I wanted to do SOMETHING.

I wanted to come up with a new business idea.

So I did what anyone else would do.

I went outside, lay on the ground, and started to think hard about the answer.

Hoping I’d get an idea, an insight, or inspiration.

But nothing came…

My mind twisted and turned.

Still nothing.

I thought about asking someone for help.

But there was no-one around.

So I gave up and went for a walk.

And that’s when I realised …there’s nothing to do.

Here’s the thing…

When do you get your best ideas?

In the shower?

On a dog walk?

You don’t even know you’re having ideas.

They just come.

It’s natural.

And effortless.

Athletes perform well when they are in flow, present, and in the moment with very little on their minds.

There’s an ancient Chinese concept called Wu Wei which literally translates as ‘no trying’, or ‘no doing’.

It’s the dynamic, effortless state of mind of a person who is optimally effective.

It’s a high performance state of flow.

People in Wu-Wei feel relaxed and happy whilst also creating a brilliant work of art, competing at sport, or coming up with a brilliant idea.

I was taught to believe that the best way to achieve a meaningful life was through effort, working hard, striving, trying…

Achieve, achieve, achieve…

Turns out this is terrible advice.

Most of the states we really want – love, happiness, wisdom, creativity, insights – just happen all by themselves, ironically, when we stop striving.

In the words of Syd Banks:

“There’s nothing you need to do, be, have, change, get, or practice in order to be happy, loving, and whole.

There’s nothing to do really is SOMETHING!

Love life,

Angela xx

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The Diamond, The Horse Sh*t, and The Nail Varnish

Despite all my years leading workshops, I still get nervous just before I meet a new group.

And it’s even more nerve racking when I’m sharing stuff I’m passionate about with people I already know.

But I know that the more I show up honestly and fully, the more I enjoy it.

Trouble is you just learn over your lifetime to hide and build layers of nail varnish or body armour to protect yourself.

I’m learning to live a new way these days and I’m enjoying sharing new stuff with people, despite the occasional colliewobbles.

I’ve shared the metaphor of The Diamond, The Horse Sh*t, and the Nail Varnish, with many clients. I first heard the story, in Kimberley Hare’s book, The Heart of Thriving.

Kim uses this metaphor to describe our True Nature – who we really are when we allow ourselves to show up fully in the world.

Imagine there’s a diamond deep inside all of us, which we’re born with.

This represents our true nature.

At your core you are a diamond…flawless, beautiful, strong, and resilient. And not just you. Every human being.

Sometimes the diamond gets covered and surrounded with horse sh*t.

This is our strories, our baggage, our self-created limitations, our ‘not good enough’ or insecure stories.

And then because we’re terrified that others will see the manure, we surround it with a thick layer of nail varnish.

This is the mask that we show to the world.

The armour we put on every day to be acceptable, to conform, to not stand out, to look pretty.

Actually, even sharing our crap (guided by wisdom) with others may be healthier than covering it up.

This is the true strength of vulnerability.

Regardless, the diamond is always there, and if we begin to peel off the nail varnish, most of the manure falls away on its own.

There’s nothing to keep it there.

And then you can just shine!

Showing up as your diamond changes everything.

This is not to be confused with what some people mean by when they talk about authenticity.

You see if you believe you are your story, your experiences, your human frailties and flaws, your history, your personality, and your feelings, it follows that you’re being authentic when you share these with others.

But what if you weren’t any of those things? I want to get to who you are at your core, before and beyond anything that’s been created by thought: pure consciousness, pure awareness, pure love.

Love life, Angela xx