Can dogs help you become a more effective leader? Help you improve your communication skills, and strategic teamwork skills? Of course they can. Exploring the principles of the dog-human connection can teach us so much about our strengths and weaknesses as leaders.

The Corporate Pause is a unique off-site team coaching day where your team will learn and develop a variety of skills that will help them in work and life – facilitated by our team of Canine Facilitated Coaches. Participants are in for a fun, eye-opening day where their best teachers will be dogs.

How it works

Your training will be designed to meet your teams needs.

  • Self & other awareness

  • Values

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Feedback

You choose your outcomes and we’ll help you get there through a series experiential activities with each other as well as with the dogs. Find out how you’re working as a team, what areas are going well and what needs work.  The dogs know – they read us like a book -and have done so for years.

Take a look at examples of our canine facilitated in-company work. No experience with dogs is necessary and a full safety briefing will be given.