We offer two courses in Canine Facilitated Coaching, Introduction to Canine Facilitated Coaching (CFC) and The Coaching and Canine Facilitated Coaching (CCFC) Programme.

Our NEW introductory programme has been designed for those of you who would like to explore the area of canine facilitation, and it’s applications in coaching. If you are considering becoming a Coach, would like to improve your personal and professional effectiveness and be at the cutting edge of this unique development then this 2 day programme could be just what you’re looking for.

This programme is a great lead in to the Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching Programme and our Canine Facilitated Coaching Programme. Complete the form at the bottom of the page to request an information pack.

Our Coaching With Canine Facilitated Coaching Programme is designed for people who want to continue their development, the development of others and combine it with their love of dogs and experiential learning. If you are considering pursuing accreditation at Professional and Professional Executive Coach levels with the Association for Coaching, (and even if you’re not), but  would like to develop yourself and your business further, then this comprehensive 8 day programme, could be just what you’re looking for.

Brief overview

  • An in-depth psychological approach to Coaching and CFC.
  • A comprehensive range of core coaching skills  drawn from a range of theory, models and practice including NLP, Clean, Emergence, and CFC
  • 64 hours of facilitated face to face training
  • 40 hours self study, including a written case study or personal coaching approach.
  • Observation, feedback, reflective learning logs, reflective journal, and in-class 1-1 supervision.
  • A coaching approach based on the Clean, NLP, and CFC.
  • Strong focus on the personal development and self-awareness of the coach
  • Support in developing your own canine facilitated programmes that support your business development.
  • A massive amount of experiential learning and fun combined.
  • The programme runs over a six month period

The learning process is experiential, emergent, and reflective. Much of the content is drawn from what is happening in the moment. The groups attention is persistently drawn to the collective and individual course outcomes and how they are being demonstrated in the ‘here and now’, thus combining emergent learning with skills training and reflection at all times.

We run tasters for both our EFC programmes in the South of England. If you have a group we can organise tasters elsewhere in the country. These sessions run for 2 hours.

Please use the form below to register for a taster or request an information pack.