There’s Nothing To Do…

I know…that’s a kind of strange thing to say, especially as most people have a lot to do at this time of year, with more on their minds than usual. And what a year, huh? So, on the Frazzled Mind Detox event I hosted for my community last week, I shared the story of how,Continue reading “There’s Nothing To Do…”

The Diamond, The Horse Sh*T, and The Nail Varnish

Despite all my years training leaders, clinicians, and coaches, I still get nervous just before I start a new workshop or training programme. And it’s even more nerve racking when I’m sharing stuff I’m passionate about with people I already know. But I know that the more I show up honestly and fully, the moreContinue reading “The Diamond, The Horse Sh*T, and The Nail Varnish”

In Transition

Good morning! Like many of you, I’m currently in a state of transition here at Angela Watson UK, upgrading my website and offers to my new online platform. I’ve been coaching people 121 via Zoom for a few years now, but I’ve always delivered workshops and retreats live and in person…until last month when IContinue reading “In Transition”