Many years ago I went to see a coach about my next career move. By the time I had finished the session I knew that coaching was what I wanted to do. Not only did I find a new career direction, but I also found a new vocation that I really wanted to pursue. So I set off on that path and within 18 months I was working full time as a coach, having undertaken the first of many NLP and Clean Language training courses.

This was the beginning of my journey in coaching. In 2012 my love for dogs led me to explore minimising interaction with the client’s process using Emergent Knowledge and Clean Questions, while introducing dogs into the environment. This was the birth of Canine Facilitated Learning (Pawz4Thought) and now I’m delivering sessions on the topic throughout the country, to share this learning and how I am developing this work to facilitate assertiveness and confidence in my clients.

The aim of Canine Facilitated Learning

The aim of Pawz4Thought is to work at a level where the client can take responsibility and resolve whatever is holding them back, in a safe relationship that facilitates the client to assert themselves confidently.

These techniques allow for minimal intrusion from the facilitator. Using Clean Questions to deepen self-awareness in the presence of a dog creates another paradigm for interaction.

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