“Angela was born to do this work”.



Programmes are delivered in person via Zoom.

My clients often want to return for further programmes and since I work exclusively through referrals and invitation only, please email me to start a conversation about your coaching or coach training needs.

Group programmes and masterclasses: starting at £99

I love the experience of being 121 or with an intimate group of people in an insight friendly space of trust and creativity. I’m constantly amazed how quickly the conversations go deep, when a small group of people sit together, listen and speak, as we explore and wonder from a quiet space of wellbeing and calm within ourselves. There’s nothing quite like creating magic together. I love what I do and I love whom I do it with.

It’s been my great privilege and joy to personally teach, coach, and supervise a wide variety of truly extraordinary human beings. I’ve worked with leaders in commercial, public sector, and non-profit organisations. I’ve worked with CEO’s, master coaches, training consultants, educators, surgeons, physicians, psychiatrists, medical educators, junior doctors, nurses, authors, actors, t-v producers, civil servants, property developers, resourceful university students and graduates. And now, because of my background in dog sports, my goal is to use my training experience, my knowledge, and my coaching skills to support animal professionals who use positive, reward based training methods, applied to both dogs and people.

If you need technical skill in training your dog, get a good dog trainer. If you need therapy, get a good therapist. If you want to be in a space that will allow you to see clearly and be clear, work with me.

If you’re interested in working together, please email: