Leading from the front, setting demanding targets and often a reluctance to delegate is the dominant leadership style in many organisations. But if staff are to be engaged effectively, this style needs to be complemented by compassionate and participative approaches. And that’s where Angela Watson comes in…

The COACHING To CARE programme has been specifically designed to support personal and professional development, and create a culture of courageous and compassionate coaching.

COACHING To CARE is a three day programme based on the fundamental qualities of coaching –  trust, compassion, and the courage to not know.
Key outcomes:

  • Define the principles of creative, compassionate, courageous coaching.
  • Discover the truth of who you are and how to express yourself within the boundaries of a coaching conversation.
  • Demonstrate the key qualities needed to be a caring, compassionate yet courageous coach.
  • Demonstrate a way of being that conveys the message ‘I am here and I see you’.
  • Notice your own judgements, explore your own patterns, face your own fears, and develop the coaching mastery, and courage to coach anyone about anything.
  • Adopt the coaching beliefs of excellence that support the development of a coaching culture within yourself and with others.
  • Learn the art of facilitating other’s thinking in a way that is caring and compassionate whilst keeping your stuff out of their way.
  • Discover what has to be true for you to be both courageous and robustly vulnerable when giving and receiving feedback.


The COACHING To CARE programme is available as an in-house training programme for  organisations looking to build internal coaching skills and capability, and as an open programme for individuals, who prefer to learn with others outside of their workplace. We

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