If you want one or more of the following (be greedy):

  • A brilliant thinking session to brainstorm career ideas, work issues, and what you want to have happen now.
  • A sincere, practical boost–you-up during a bewildering (as in never been here before) life transition (because of changes in personal life or career).
  • Pyschological preparation-managing presentation anxiety, interview nerves, confidence issues, personal impact and influence.
  • Unsticking for your: career, working relationships, small business idea.
  • To re-launch your career or small business online, expand your networks, developing a web presence and getting with the social networking times for more sales and profits.
  • A guide by the side when experiencing accelerated success (accelerated as in picking up momentum, maybe getting overwhelmed, wondering what are your best moves here?) from someone who has been there.

If any of these describe you, then a Private 1-2-1  Career Guiding Sessions is for you.

I am…

  • A trained listener, facilitator,and independent coach in personal development working with mid-life men and women who are in transition due to changes in their personal lives and careers.
  • Former nurse, senior manager (20 years).
  • Portfolio Career-Maker – My last straight job was in 2006. Now I have a portfolio career as a Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Web Designer. Interviewed by writers for books and blogs on career transition.
  • Positive Role Model (prone to surges in optimism and positivity, always seeing the bright side, with lightness and care)
  • An advocate of user-friendly psychological and coaching tools that support transformation in learning, in thinking, in behaviour. (Clean Language is my signature dish)
  • Asker of deceptively simple yet powerful questions.
  • Dedicated and committed to doing whatever I can to help you achieve your outcomes.

Everyone needs an outside pair of eyes and a friendly ear from time to time…mine are eagle- eyed and bat-like!

“Angela is an inspirational coach with a passion for promoting learning and personal development. Angela’s quiet, positive and thoughtful work has given me new and invaluable insights, and has aided me in making key career and business decisions. Angela’s approach is powerful and thought-provoking, and has delivered measurable results for myself and my clients.” Mike McCabe, Business Marketing Coach

“In my job I have to give presentations on a regular basis. Angela has taught me how to quickly create the frame of mind and the right feelings I need to achieve the consistency I am after and I am now able to deliver good quality presentations every time.” Alan Thompson, GBR Consulting

Who Do I Work Best With?

Smart, curious, people who are embarking on a new career direction, want to supercharge their career prospects, and do the work they love. You have a good sense of humor, you have a warm disposition, and you love inspiring yourself and others. You like a kind, honest, positive approach and an environment where you feel free to be yourself.

Who Isn’t a Great Fit?

People in total life melt-down—better to spend your money on counselling and therapy. Someone who wants me to wave a magic wand to make them rich by next Monday. People who don’t like a thought-provoking guide who asks a lot of thought-provoking questions.

Your 1-2-1 Career Guiding Session includes:

  1. Clean Set Up. Good stuff happens simply from answering these questions. I will spend a few minutes at the beginning of our session asking you these questions.
  2. A private, confidential, sixty minute Career Guiding Session via phone or skype– details sent upon payment.
  3. A follow up email after the session sent straight to your inbox.

“I have had the privilege of working with Angela for the last 12 months.  Angela is an excellent coach, mentor and facilitator. She demonstrates passion for what she does; and uses a blend of Clean Language and NLP coaching methods that really work.  Angela is warm, encouraging and patient and I would recommend her to anyone seeking the guidance of a highly competent and professional expert in this field”. Joanne Hopwood, Owner of Full Circle Training and Development.

Booking Your Session

There are slots opening in 2013. If you would like to be notified when more openings are available, please sign up here.

To secure your session (s):

  1. Click here and pay. A one hour  1-2-1  Career Guiding Session is £150.00
  2. You will be taken to the Paypal page for my business PGD Coaching Solutions Ltd.
  3. Soon after you will receive a personal email from me asking you for your name, email, preferred time and date for the session.
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email. If you don’t get this, please email Angela!
  5. We explore deep, climb high, emerge strong on the date and time you selected.
  6. You get a follow up email which may include a developmental task which you can take as much time as you like to explore, and be amazed by your personal brilliance and power, again and again.
  7. You go and enjoy your work with a confident grin on your face.
“Angela is wise, experienced and inspirational. She provokes her participants to exceed their personal boundaries and think for themselves to gain deeper insights, and greater self-awareness” – Alastair Behenna, Associate CIO at CIO Partnership Ltd.
“Angela’s belief that people have all the resources they need to enable greatness to flourish was a constant source of energy and positivity, to me. Angela embraces this in her own attitude to life, sharing and inspiring others. It was an inspiring journey of discovery. I shall be attending more programmes with Angela– Marion Smith, Director, People Culture Ltd
“Angela brings great energy and fun with her distinctive style to harness the very best in you” – Deborah Seago, NHS Trust

Are you ready to inspire yourself and the world?

Then let’s do it.


What if I want more than one session?

I very rarely work with people long term. We can talk after your session to see if you really need long term coaching. I know some great coaches!

What if I want a stretch of time to work with you in person?

Ah, okay. I do those too. Ask me after our session.

What if I have questions for you before I feel comfortable booking?

Click here, ask away, and I will get back to you. Note that you may end up on a waiting list for the next round of open sessions. Which is okay because by then you know you will want to work with me!

“Angela,  is a very special model of excellence for commitment and learning” – Sue Knight, author of NLP At Work

These are currently the openings I have for 1-2-1 Career Guiding sessions