In my consulting work, I am devoted to learning how we can be a success in business and in our personal lives. I work with individuals, leaders, and teams assisting them to develop the tools, skills, and emotional intelligence to lead, motivate, and work with bosses in a manner that reduces friction and enhances productivity.

I also work with organisations to customise coaching and NLP workshops for a general audience, or for internal coaches in the human resource and organisational development areas.

The essence of NLP — modelling excellence — enables us to learn from the best in all aspects of work and life; leadership, sales and influence, coaching, sport, the arts, communication, teamwork…parenting. The list is endless.

My courses are best suited to:

  • Individuals who want to develop coaching and communication skills for use in the workplace.
  • Leaders who want to practice develop their emotional intelligence and coaching skills to be more effective
  • Teams who want to motivate and empower staff and find out more about each other.
  • Organisations who want to embed a  ‘coaching culture’ to achieve tremendous business results.

My clients include Human Technics; Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust; Merton Local Education Authority; Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust; NHS Courses and Conferences Centre, Wessex Deanery, and many more. If you are interested in creating a bespoke course for your organisation please get in touch – 0791 770 1691.