‘Within our complex inter-connected world our search for greater meaning and purpose, and making a greater contribution, lies beneath many deeper coaching conversations’ – Katherine Tulpa, CEO Association for Coaching, 2012

The working world has never been more chaotic nor presented more opportunities – for those who wish to take control. More than half of 97,000 people worldwide are expected to change their career in the next five years. This provides a huge potential market for career transition coaches and we are right here to help you on your journey.

This course will give you an eclectic blend of some of the psychological, mental, behavioural, and practical factors we need to consider when supporting another around their most critical stages in their life or career.

The Certificate in Essential Career Transition Coaching Skills is for experienced coaches looking for more training at an advanced and deep level. This 8 day modular programme builds on and deepens the expertise and knowledge you already have, and provides sufficient training hours and depth for coaches wishing to pursue Professional or Executive Coach accreditation with the Association for Coaching (A.C). The course will help you in supporting clients to make successful career moves both individually and organisationally using coaching as a very effective employee engagement mechanism. It will also benefit you if you’re going through such a transition yourself,  to help you understand what you’re experiencing and how to work through the issues.

In 2015 I proudly celebrated my 5th year delivering Executive Coach Training Programmes. Working in partnership with Human Technics I have trained over 500 coaches in core coaching skills which makes for a powerful network of professional coaches.

The Certificate in Career Transition Coaching is supported by a carefully selected faculty of established experts, and an ever evolving syllabus which makes for a leading edge experience enabling coaches to support themselves, clients, and organisations, in the process of transition.

The training focuses on ‘being’ a coach, rather than ‘doing’ coaching. It places emphasis on you and how you ‘show up’ as a coach. The training supports participants in learning the most effective career transition coaching techniques and the psychology behind them, in all the different contexts career transition coaches work. The learning process is experiential, emergent, and reflective. Much of the content is drawn from what is happening in the moment.  The groups’ attention is persistently drawn to the collective and individual course outcomes and how they are being demonstrated in the ‘here and now’, thus combining emergent learning with skills training and reflection at all times.


Increasingly, coaches are likely to be required to demonstrate their competence in the field of career transition coaching through qualifications and accreditation and this training provides sufficient training hours, depth, and assessment for coaches wishing to pursue Professional or Professional Executive Coach accreditation with the Association for Coaching (A.C)

Course Duration:

It spans 64 hours of coach specific, face to face training over 4 x two day modules.

Course Directors: Angela Watson and Caroline Talbott

Entry requirements:

Experienced coaches who have already undertaken a core coach training programme such as the HumanTechnics Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching, plus a minimum of 1 year’s experience in a leadership, consulting, management, HR, coaching, or management role.


  1. Class room based continuous assessment. Assessment starts from the minute you walk through the door and continues throughout the programme.
  2. Observed coaching sessions, feedback, and supervision
  3. Successful completion of a learning journal, logs and  40 hours of self-study are required (for AC accreditation.)
  4. Written case study and personal coaching approach (for AC accreditation).

Course aims:

  • To facilitate in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the knowledge, theories, models, skills and practice required to coach career transition clients to a high standard.
  • To develop participants’ expertise in using a broad range of techniques and approaches flexibly in response to coachee / situations.
  • The programme adheres to the Association For Coaching’s specifications for the Diploma in Coach Training

The certificate is awarded by Angela Watson UK, an organisational member of the Association for Coaching.


£2,500 for all 4 modules

Individual and corporate funding accepted.


Venue: Donnington Grove,  Newbury, Berkshire

Dates: Click here for dates.

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