Yes, I’ve finally updated the E-Book. (The Clean Approach To Leadership: Essential Skills For Transforming Conversations)

It’s the written version of my more recent coach trainings, but with more ideas for helping your coaching clients (and you) move forward and become more skillful.

David Grove, the originator of ‘Clean Language’ changed the way I coach and teach coaching, for good. Everyone says things like that but if you know the story of how I’ve developed my practice, you know why I’m not exaggerating. His work has influenced so much of my work over the years.

The Clean Approach is in many ways the origin of how I thought about, designed and created what has become a unique method of self-development. There is no magic in the method, just a relentless commitment to helping people with a difficult topic.

And to those who’ve downloaded the e-book, I thank you and the dogs thank you. I’ve made my living 100% from coaching. If you use the information in any of my e-books and blogs, I’m okay with that. I’d rather you use the information than not. But if you find one of my blogs or e-books useful and can one day let me know, I’d appreciate it.