Because I’m a coach with 10 years + coaching industry experience, and teach on postgraduate Executive Coach Training Courses, people often ask if I coach coaches. Well the answer is yes…

Coaching For Coaches is designed specifically for new coaches who want to stop talking about coaching, and start coaching with confidence.


I don’t tend to follow the traditional “coaching rules” (never giving advice, the client has all the answers etc, ect), that you learnt in coaching school.

Why not?

Because you are different.

You already have bucketloads of tools and resources that can help you through life’s challenges. You already a have a deep sense of awareness of yourself.

But sometimes, like everyone else developing a new skill, you need guidance, advice, mentoring, teaching, and handholding, so that you can feel confident and credible in front of your coachees.

I get it. So I’ve combined my 10 years+ expertise in coaching and training coaches, to do whatever it takes to help you hone your coaching skills and start COACHING real coachees, with their real problems and goals.

I also get that you’ve got the capacity to work through stuff at lightening speed.

You understand how coaching works and are willing to integrate the learning and move on.


So if you want some inspiration, a kick up the backside, someone to listen non-judgementally, to give you a nudge in the right direction, someone to be your wing woman, you can book me for a Skype online one on one session, or a face to face session.

You may just want or need one session or you might want to create a bespoke package. We can decide this when we speak. Each session lasts approximately one hour, and you can have as few or as many sessions as you want until you’re ready to fly solo.

£200 per Skype session

£225 per Face to Face session.

I’m not the coach for everyone. But if you’re ready to fly contact me to enquire about my current openings. We’ll email, talk, and decide if we’re a good fit.



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