When I was asked by author, Caroline Talbott, to share my career change story in her book, Essential Career Transition Coaching Skills, I remember saying to her “okay, but I’m not an expert on career planning”.

And I’m not. As a girl, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  In fact…I still don’t!!! I’m someone who left school with 6 GCSE’s and 2 A levels, who went to University, then dropped out and became a registered general nurse, and finally got a 2:1 degree in Public Sector Health Studies. I’m not an expert in knowing what I want to do in 5 years time, and you certainly won’t find me at one of those awful ‘networking events’.

No – I’m a healthcare professional, who, frustrated with the politics,  the bosses she hated, and the feeling of ‘surviving rather than thriving’ stumbled upon a way to navigate the turmoil of midlife career change, even though she didn’t have a clear plan.

Making the leap and starting something new was terrifying. In fact, for the first few months it was more challenging than most people realise. But I found a way to make it work for me. And when I think about it …it was actually exciting and fun. Along the way I learnt the techniques, behaviours, and attitudes for successful change – and you can use what I learnt for making your “what next” happen, if you wish.