The Pawz4Thought concept unites a centuries old tradition with modern day leadership practice.

The dog embodies loyalty, friendship, unconditional love, trustworthiness, freedom, selflessness, reliability, protection, courage and energy, just the same as it does sensitivity, watchfulness, and playfulness. He is willing to serve humans selflessly and he does so both from the position of domination and through entirely voluntary participation.

A dog pack conveys the feeling of co-operation and harmony as well confidence and security. Apart from that, the dog is sensitive and intelligent. From him we can learn the true meaning of unconditional love and forgiveness..

For thousands of years, leaders and dogs have worked together. Working with a dog fosters teamwork, creativity, and communication, but at the same time fosters a sense of responsibility, patience, and determination.

‘To be led’ means to follow voluntarily. It should encourage independence and an element of trust in moving forward in the direction the leader desires.And the dog? Who does the dog follow? The dog follows a person when they demonstrate trustworthiness, confidence, courage, and compassion.

The dog directly responds a person’s external behaviour and internal attitude, serving as a mirror image of who you truly are. The dog is a great teacher for those who wish to learn.


Work As A Team

Dogs have an innate sense that working as a unit gets the best results. They model trust and mutual respect. In the business world, egos often drive personal agendas that can prove disruptive. Here, everyone gets a say in what they want and you improve your ability to handle conflict and differences of opinion.

Communicate Clearly

Effective communication between humans involves an exchange of more than mere words. Dogs communicate non-verbally and use body language to mirror your leadership behaviour. When you communicate non-verbally with clarity and intent, you get the result you ask for.

Authentic Leadership

Trust promotes survival in a pack of dogs. Unlike humans, dogs do not tolerate inauthentic behaviour. They are sensitive to subtle changes in body language and sense what is really going on. If you think one thing and say another it causes confusion. They show this by refusing to co-operate.

Non-Judgemental Feedback

Dogs give immediate feedback and demonstrate flexibility in behaviour, they typically respond to the energy and behaviour of those they are interacting with. They show you what is working and what’s not working, especially when you’re under pressure.

Impact and Influence

The lead dog has the trust and respect of every other member of the pack. They don’t lead by bullying or aggression, but by calm assertiveness and by encouragement. Dogs will follow an assertive leader who leads with strength and gentleness, courage, and compassion, trust and mutual respect. Learn how to step out of your comfort zone and create maximum impact with minimum effort.

And so much more…

You try new ways of leading and recalibrate your leadership style on a moment by moment basis, in a variety of situations. The result is that you learn what you most need to learn to have more impact and influence, so that you get the results you want.

How we work:

Activities are performed individually, and as part of a team, leading people and leading dogs. No dog training is involved and no knowledge of dogs is required.