• Are you at a crossroads in your career and unsure which path to take?
  • Does anxiety compromise your performance in interviews, meetings, and other important events?
  • Have you just been made redundant or is it on the cards and you’re grappling with rejection, feeling a sense of loss, or lack of confidence?
  • Are you finding it difficult to manage your boss, your team, your colleagues and feel frustrated?

Are you age between 35-55 with ambitions to get ahead in your career, or start a new business venture? Perhaps you have a successful business and would like to move it to the next level. We know first-hand how challenging it can be to change your career at 40 and start your own business. And we also know how satisfying and liberating it can be. Our facilitators use accurate listening to help you work at your best, maximising talent, and increasing confidence. We use the process of Clean Language to help you change your ideas into action and achieve success.

When considering your own work, what is happening now?

Our process starts to work with you and your knowledge straight away. We don’t come in with one size fits all prescriptions, suggestions, or judgements.

Instead, we will help you to understand your own thinking more effectively, so you can:

  • Have CLARITY about what’s important to you in your career and what you want to have happen?
  • KNOW what needs to happen for that (or something even better) to happen?
  • Break huge LEAPS down into manageable and achievable steps.
  • Bridge the gap between KNOWING what to do and CONFIDENTLY doing it.
  • Become part of a COMMUNITY of people working at their best.
  • LEARN 12 simple questions that can be used to help others find their own solutions
  • PERFORM at your best when it matters most eg in interviews, presentations, meetings and any pressurised event.

When you work at your best, then what happens?

We want you to be your BEST. To do this, we’ll use a carefully crafted set of questions to help you model the outcomes you want for your career and your business.

During our group sessions, your thoughts and opinions will be acknowledged and respected without judgement. All of our facilitators are trained to a high level and will work at your pace as you explore your thinking. With greater understanding, you’ll discover new and innovative ways to work, creating an environment where others can contribute and build on your success.

You’ll be able to:

  • Establish what is happening when you are at your best.
  • Learn what needs to happen to achieve that.
  • Develop strategies to maintain clarity, focus and productive thinking when you’re under pressure.
  • Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and the best in others.
  • Develop your communication and problem solving skills
  • Develop the mindset and the relationships for SUCCESS.

So what would you like to have happen?

What needs to happen for your career or business to move to the next level?

What happens next is up to you.

Just how much more could you achieve for your career or business by working at your best? Wherever you are in the world we are here to help.


For your free 30 minute consultation, call Angela Watson now on +44 (0)791 770 1691. Or email Angela directly.

We work with a discipline called Clean Language developed by David Grove in the 1980’s which means we operate from a place of non-judgement, non-assumptionnon-direction and a belief that the best person to find their solutions and direction is YOU, the client. Our job is to create the “right” conditions for that to happen.

Clean Language is fast becoming the most effective way to change ideas into action. Get In Touch to find out more.