What can I say. Midlife pushes thousands of people into searching for what they really want to do and I’m no exception. So I’ve decided to write this blog, as a friend once told me, it’s good to share experiences.

Since announcing my intention to write a blog – the response has been so positive. I am meeting so many inspirational people who have ‘taken the plunge’ to follow their passion and purpose and are willing to share their stories with me – successes and war stories. These stories will bring the blog to life.

My intention in writing the blog is to offer inspiration to those who dream about finding  a way of making a living that gives them more meaning and motivation, but for whatever reason they believe that it’s not possible for them. I believe that it’s not only possible, but it really matters…!

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And if you’ve changed your career direction in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s to do what you love – I’d love to hear your story. Please post your story in the comments section below.

Bye for now,