Our BEST clients are frustrated MANAGERS. They want to move from being a MANAGER to being a LEADER.

They see the potential in themselves and others but can’t figure out how to unleash it. They want to challenge motivate and empower their teams. They have amazing ideas, they have great tenacity,  they want to  make a difference – they just need someone to help them make the move from frustrated Manager to Effective Leader.

Are your ready to make the move from manager to a leader the people choose to follow? Then we can help!

We have a variety of different coaching and trainings that will ensure you learn how to lead effectively.

Your first step – book a call with my team now and let’s see what’s the best option for you.


Main services are as follows:

Harry rapportLead The Pack Workshop  –  for groups of up to 12 people, tailored to meet your needs. Participants can expect to increase: Confidence and Effective Communication; Trust and Respect; Power, Influence and Authenticity; Assertiveness, Presence, and Impact.

Lead The Pack Live Events – for groups of 20 to 100 as an alternative to a corporate conference speaker.


Coaching4Care cohort 6 Though we work with a wide range of industries, one of our particular areas of expertise is healthcare. As a  former nurse and NHS manager, Angela Watson has a strong background working with doctors, nurses, NHS managers, L&D, and HR professionals, as well as working on a free-lance consultancy basis with Medical Deaneries and NHS Leadership Academies.

Because we have been delivering coaching and leadership programmes for almost a decade, we have the expertise to be able to create the type of training programme to help you and your managers successfully embed a culture of harmony in your organisation.