So you are curious as to what coaching is all about? Great – because coaching is making a big impact on the way people lead in organisations today and on the world of personal development. And we believe there is no better place to start this learning than here on this 2 day foundation programme. You may find that in 2 days you get everything you want or you may find yourself hooked and go on to qualify as an Executive or Career Coach. Whatever you decide we would certainly be pleased to support you at this stage of your journey.

You may have heard of NLP and on this programme you can learn to integrate NLP thinking and coaching skills that will enhance the way that you manage yourself as well as others, the way you communicate, coach, lead, manage change and embed all of this into the way that you coach yourself and others. We take pride in the way that we coach participants on this programme with personal guidance and feedback from me – Angela, and from my skilled team of assistants.

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply the 6 key principles of effective coaching
  • Learn how to ask questions and listen in a way that people feel heard
  • Understand the process of incorporating a client’s own words into your coaching questions
  • Learn about your own patterns in thinking, behaviour, attitude and how these relate to other people’s patterns.
  • Understand the process of eliciting and developing compelling outcomes.
  • Gain greater understanding of the role that language plays in our thinking.
  • Understand situations from different points of view.
  • Build quality relationships based on trust and confidence through rapport
  • Recognise the impact of your own and others body language
  • Be aware of your own and others use of enabling and limiting patterns in language
  • Have a greater understanding and respect for the different ways that people make sense of their experience leading to more choice.
  • Appreciate and adopt beliefs that support and create a coaching culture
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback.

Dates 2015:

July 27th -28th                 £750

October 12th -13th        £750


Doonnington Grove, Newbury, Berkshire