The Wild Pause NLP Retreat

24th-28th February 2018

“For me it was an inspiring journey of discovery learning more about being me and being me with others” – Participant

Held at the West Lexham Retreat Centre, Norfolk

We invite you to join us for this intimate rural NLP retreat, preparing individuals, leaders, coaches, and consultants to work with the central principles and practices of Neuro-Linguistic- Programming.

This 5 day NLP Practitioner programme offers a set of principles and practices that empower you as an individual to make a difference in the world. It may be in your present role. It may be in a future role, including that of Coach.

This particular programme has two main audiences, one broad and one narrow. The broad one is for anyone who wants to learn NLP skills and thinking that will enhance the way that you manage yourself, build effective relationships, and influence others. The narrow one is for coaches who want to supplement their initial coach training with an additional qualification and are ready to work with themselves and their clients at a deep level.

“Angela’s belief that people have all the resources they need to enable greatness to flourish was a constant source of energy and positivity, to me, throughout the entire experience” – Participant

The course is designed to be deeply satisfying on a personal and professional level. We take what you already know, and what we see as your essence, (even if you’re not aware of it yourself), seriously, and help you hone the talents you have and how you can use them to grow your career, your coaching practice, and yourself. It offers a view of gaps in the resources you have and will need to be successful in your chosen field. The course  will provide you with individual support for bridging these gaps whether they are in self-awareness, coachability, or influence.

“Learning is thought – provoking, interactive and life changing. It has given me the confidence to believe that “I can and I will” rather than “I may and I might” – Participant

Join us and learn the principles of NLP and how to use them for yourself and when working with others. The emphasis here is on learning by doing, and you will do this in the company of other inspiring people who have a passion for making a difference in the world today.

Individuals will emerge with a deeper sense of their contribution in the world, a foundational understanding of NLP and its practical application in the business, work,and coaching context. And most especially, a closer understanding of their own artful and courageous way of holding the coaching space, and influencing leadership conversations.



The syllabus wil cover the elements of NLP set in a business/work/coaching context:

This programme focuses on all areas of life, business, and work relevant to modern leaders and coaches. We’ll explore the keys to personal success, with stimulating exercises and learning that will guide you through to what you want to have happen. You will create a new vision of your true potential and life aspirations, and develop the leadership and coaching skills to make that vision a reality.

The course will equip you with:

  • A deepended sense of purpose
  • A sense of congruence when facing life’s challenges.
  • A set ot tools for decreasing stress, anxieties and fears
  • Increased creativity and an advanced capacity for enjoyment
  • Improved mental clarity for decision making, planning, and action
  • The ability to ask questions about yourself in a way that invites constructive and balanced responses for yourself.
  • Practical tips to apply NLP and Clean modelling methodology on an ongoing basis.

Certification will depend on the level of your commitment and success throughout the programme. On successful demonstration of the course outcomes, participants will achieve NLP Practitioner status or NLP Coach Practitioner status depending on your starting point.

NLP Business Practitioner and NLP Coach Practitioner. You attend all the days training of the programme. Work in the evenings and out of hours is at your discretion. You can read more topics on the subject and practice but the amount you do is at your choice. Certification depends on the standard of your work throughout the programme compared to the course outcmes. You will receive individual coaching and feedback throughout the course and at the end of the time you will either receive your certificate or will be given a development task to complete after the programme. On successful completion of the task you will then receive your certificate.

The programme is underpinned by the Codes of Ethics of the Association For Coaching (AC), and Association of NLP (ANLP), and covers the core competences and coach specific training hours needed for coaches to apply for accreditation with the Association For Coaching.

  • 50 hours classroom based learning (CPD)
  • 10 hours self-study (outside of classroom hours)
  • Assessment and certification which takes place during the course.

“I cannot think of any higher accolade than to say the programme has opened my eyes to possibilities way beyond my ken” – Participant