Evaluation begins when you say hello and does not end. Your skills will be evaluated periodically and feedback given continuously. A considerable amount of your evaluation rests on how you treat yourself, your peers, and course facilitators over time. Criteria includes:

  • Commitment to achieving the course outcomes
  • Commitment to demonstrating AC and ICF competencies
  • Ability to work from an outcome frame, resourceful state, sensory evidence base, and behavioural flexibility
  • Ability to maintain rapport between yourself, the other participants, assistants, facilitators, and anyone else. If it is lost you have the responsibility to re-establish it.
  • Attention to and facilitation of ecology in all your interactions with yourself and others. ( be aware of your intention and the impact of your actions).
  • Integrate the NLP skills, concepts, and presuppositions into the coaching framework
  • Ability to work with a range of information: sensory, conceptual, metaphoric, symbolic and nonverbal
  • Ability to ask questions with genuine curiosity and match vocal qualities when using clients’ words
  • Start and finish exercises cleanly