On successful completion of this programme you will achieve certified NLP (Coach) Practitioner status. By being part of this will learn how to:

  • Make coaching a life style so that you are learning mutually with everyone you have contact with.
  • Connect with yourself and embrace the truth of who you are
  • Recognise the patterns that support you and the patterns that hinder you in being the truth of who you are
  • Connect with the essence of those around you and create the space for them to choose to express the truth of who they are
  • Hold space for others in which they can be safe, real, trusting, and discovering the essence of who they are.
  • Show up as your true self and inspire others to discover their true self and purpose in the world
  • Find the state with which to coach others by recognising how the patterns you recognise in others are also true of you.
  • Accept others non-judementally, so that they can discover the essence of excellence behind all behaviours.
  • Give non-judgemental observational feedback that raises awareness in a way that the recipient has choice in the way they respond to the world.
  • Support others to recognise congruent and incongruent states so that they can choose which one to access and when.
  • Enable others to manage themselves in order to achieve what they really want.
  • Learn how to release the talents you have and liberate your own and other’s potential
  • Coach others in an ecological and “clean” way
  • Encourage others to discover their strengths and their natural effectiveness
  • Reveal how language creates the experiences that we have in life and how by exploring the options we have with the words we use we can enrich our world
  • Coach yourself and others to increasingly become the best that you and they can be.