As an Unleashing Potential specialist and Empowerment Specialist, Angela has enriched the lives of countless people over the past decade – high achievers and high performing professionals.

Angela is noted for her ability to support her clients to shift the fundamentally flawed beliefs they have about their abilities, and to come into alignment with their best self, enabling them to actualise the abilities they have inside, and live a life of authentic happiness.

Angela is a leading authority for initiating the new paradigm for success one that incorporates dogs, creativity, and nature with business/career, personal growth, and authentic expression. This unique new paradigm is one that is grounded in passion, purpose, identity, joy, ease and love.

As a result of your coaching experience with Angela, +/- your dog, you will be able to:

  • Align with the best version of yourself, envision your dreams, and make them happen.
  • Tune in to that unique thing in you that wants to be expressed, and create a life of authentic happiness.
  • Discover what is most meaningful to you and why you’re here.
  • Realise your true potential and with that a state of inner confidence and peace.
  • Understand what’s important to you in your life and unleash the ability to express the truth of who you are.
  • Discover the environments where you thrive and those where you don’t.
  • Unleash the abilities and talents you have to offer the world.
  • Exprience a sense of ease and flow as you create your personal reality in alignment with your mind, body, and soul.
  • Master your thoughts, and therefore your experience
  • Shift from judgement to acceptance and learn to enjoy the creative process
  • Experience a life that promotes, love, joy, ease and connection.

Sessions take place for one hour by Skype, or 1to 2 hours face to face.