1-1 Initial Skype Coaching Session

I meet so many people who wish they could have had coaching sooner, but they put it off because they never felt it was ‘the right time’ or that they didn’t deserve to spend an hour on their own happiness.

As dog lovers, we’re natural care givers and instinctively put other’s needs first. But only by stepping back to focus on your own thoughts, challenges, dreams, can you truly be at your best for others.

So if it’s your first time for coaching and you want some inspiration, coaching to realise your dreams, a  nudge in the right direction, someone to listen non-judgementally, support to deal more effectively with the challenges you’re facing, you can book a 50 minute Initial Coaching Session via Skype. You tell me what’s going on and I’ll start coaching. It’s that simple and there’s no judgement and no ongoing commitment.

How much does it cost?

It’s £150 for a 50 minute Initial Coaching Session Via Skype

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Published by Angela Watson

I'm a coach, speaker, and training consultant who talks to individuals and groups about slowing down, to pause, get quiet, and listen - to themselves and others. And after years of travelling to work, I have to say, that being confined to my 16th century cottage, with its rustic charm, cosy beams, and wonky walls has suited me. I now deliver all my programmes online, from the comfort of my living room. From there, I also run an online T-shirt design consultancy & shop called The Tree Shirt Project. Welcome to The Wonky Cottage.