Career change – 9 telltale signs that you’re ready.

Apart from dogs, one of my lifetime passions is personal development. So much so that I left a very well paid job to train as a coach and started my own business helping people grow and learn using the personal development tools and techniques I had learnt along the way.

It took years for me to realise that I needed to radically change my career, even though all the signs were there. Here’s my list of telltale signs that you are ripe for career change:

1.  When even though you’ve worked hard to get to where you are, and made a long term investment in your career, your job no longer fulfills you and you just know there’s got to be something more – if you only knew what that was.

2. When you start secretly planning your exit strategy.

3. When your ears prick up listening to people tell their story of how they ditched their job to follow their passion and start their own business.

4. When you yearn for change, but feel stuck and don’t know what you want.

5. When you don’t just hate your boss, you really hate your boss.

6.When you are continuously searching the usual job adverts but nothing appeals.

7.When you take a long look at your work and realise that what you enjoy most is helping people to grow and learn, but in your current role it’s not seen as a priority.

8.When you get a postcard from a former member of your team, who now lives on the other side of the world, thanking you for encouraging them to make the move and follow their dream!

9. All of the above!

How did you know you were ready for change? What tips do you have for people contemplating changing their career? I look forward to hearing your views in the comments section below.