Angela Watson

Executive Coach, Dog Trainer, Facilitator, Founder of The Tree Shirt Project.

Angela has the powerful and rare talent of humour. Her ability to move from profound insight to a place of lightness and fun to really land a message…is just brilliant. A hugely impactful coach and coach trainer.


Who Is Angela Watson?

Meet Angela

Former nurse, NHS manager, turned professional coach, trainer, facilitator, competitive dog trainer, and founder of The Tree Shirt Project.


Born in November in Bloxwich Maternity Home.

Moved to Portsmouth aged 18, after the sudden death of her mother.


Studied at Portsmouth Uni (Polytechnic) in the early 1980’s.

Left and became a private carer.

1991 – 2007

Qualified Nurse and Senior Manager in the NHS


BA Hons from Portsmouth University

2006 -present

Living happily with Mark Grainger since 2006.

2 step children and 4 dogs.

2007 – present