Coaching and Training on Zoom.

Intimate, highly selective Coaching programmes designed for leaders who are making a positive impact in the world, I do coach dog sports competitors too. I usually work with people over a period of 3 – 9 months, although each programme of unvarnished coaching is tailored to individual requirements and circumstances. Get in touch for a chat to see if you’re a good fit.

Coaching Training

We live in uncertain times, and we need good people to lead us through them. My in-house coaching training is designed to deepen understanding of the Art & Science of Coaching. It’s designed for people who are serious about going beyond tools and techniques, and showing up fully as a human being. To upgrade your approach to performance in your organisation, contact me.

Understanding peak performance

Performing At Your Best

Most people who are drawn to my work start from one of two spots. Those for who the usual tried and tested mindset tools, techniques, and strategies don’t seem to cut it anymore. Or the overachiever who realises chasing achievements is not enough and wants something more meaningful.

I don’t teach mental strategies, tricks, or techniques – instead I help you subtract the unhelpful thinking that gets in the way of Flow and peak performance so you can release your innate capacity for clarity, creativity, learning, and well-being,