There is not a dog that romps and runs but we learn from him ~ Mary Oliver

NLP training where you can bring your dog too? You bet. The seed for Pawz4Thought NLP Retreats was planted when Angela Watson, founder of Angela Watson UK Training & Consultancy, took her love for dogs and figured out how she could make a living from it, while indulging in her passion and teaching people how to be the best they can be with NLP.

A desire to ‘get away from it all’ fuels most retreats. But with a dog, ‘getting away from it all’ has become that much harder. So when Angela discovered a dog friendly haven, set in 20 acres of farmland,near the Forest of Dean, she knew this would be the perfect destination for NLP Retreats for people who love dogs.

The everyday moments familiar to all dog lovers, help you open your eyes to fresh perspectives, and the joys of nature and connection, in an always-on, ultra connected world. Daily walks in natural surroundings, and an active, yet relaxing atmosphere, help you truly experience NLP – perhaps for the first time in your life.

Think about the feeling you get when you see dogs play, joyfully leaping and running, moving from one activity to another unhampered by anxiety and fear of embarrassment – a reminder of the pleasures of being playful and free. It’s so liberating. Multiply that feeling by 10 and you start to get a taste of what’s possible at a Pawz4Thought retreat.

And what better way to spend quality time with your dog doing your favourite things together whilst focusing on self-care and self-discovery -all of which makes it easier to return home refreshed and reinvigorated.

And for those of you who haven’t yet dipped your paws into the wonderful world of dogs; you should have a go.