“When you’re in a room with Angela Watson, you feel invincible – like you can achieve anything you want to and more!” Meg Attwood, Executive Coach



For the past decade, Angela Watson has been developing a body of work focused on how leaders need to be coaches in order to bring out the best in those they lead. She notes especially that coaching is the least developed skill in the workplace today and lays out the precise steps that leaders must take when they attempt to start conversations that say to people “you are seen; you are valued; and you are heard”.

Her seminars and workshops are compelling and empowering; she especially looks at the necessity of the shift from pushing people into doing what ‘should’ be done to pulling inner knowing. Her work is not only empowering and motivating for individuals irrespective of the organisation for which they work, but also nurturing and revitalising for those who work together everyday and who wish to bring a fresh perspective to their shared endeavours.


Angela Watson has been bringing her unique blend of personal development, team building and coaching into the world of work for more than 20 years. Her work in organisations takes many different forms, from 1-1 coaching and team development days, to seminars and retreats. She has a special affection for her long term work inside specific organisations, often over years, impacting a critical mass of coaches and leaders who have learned through her work, the language, the questions, and the necessary conditions for an effective coaching management style. Her sessions have been woven into long term leadership programmes, with organisations such as Health Education England, Thames Valley & Wessex Leadership Academy, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Jersey Electric, Berkshire NHS Trust. She is a Principal Trainer at Human Technics and an associate lecturer at the University of the West Of England (UWE).

Her collaborations include work with Sue Knight, using dogs to teach us about leadership and for the exploration of some of the difficult dynamics of contemporary leadership. Her work has been featured in the International Journal of Clinical Leadership, The Institute of Leadership & Management ‘Edge’ Magazine, and the Health Service Journal. She’s also contributed to the book Essential Career Transition Coaching Skills, by Caroline Talbott.


Angela Watson participates in conferences, team building workshops, and retreats combining skills in coaching, team working, leadership and business development along with a love of dogs to bring a new understanding of leadership to the world. She looks at the communication, connection, relationship, and joys that come with the revelations of interactions with her three Golden Retrievers, and the application to human working relationshps; how we communicate, how we influence, how we view others, what we dare to believe and what we’re afraid to believe.

Angela’s steadily building following is growing organically in all corners of the globe, and she is sought after as a teacher by others who want to enter this field or develop their skills further.