Step UP & Shine

(Stage One NLP Practitioner)

Step UP & Shine is an 8 month coaching and mentoring programme to help you step up and make a positive difference in every aspect of your working life.

We’ll work closely together, over the course of 8 months to make dramatic, lasting changes to your outlook on yourself, your work, or your business. It all starts with YOU so no matter where you are at this point in time, you’ll finish the course with the tools and mind-set you need to step up and shine in your career, business, and life.

You will learn powerful tools and skills that will change the way you work for ever.

Working intensively, we will study neuro – linguistic programming (NLP) tools and techniques because unlike many traditional methods, where you are taught a method to follow, we’ll work with the thought patterns, behaviour and language that you use, building confidence and creating a strong inner foundation for success. You will finish the course with a working understanding of what NLP is and how it makes a difference in all areas of your life. This is a huge opportunity to receive some of the highest level personal coaching of your life.

The 10 benefits of the STEP UP programme

  1. Step UP  and learn how to think differently not just do things differently
  2. Step UP  and take notice of your feelings and use them as a guide so that you can make decisions based on your intuition and values.
  3. Step UP and manage your emotions to increase your ability to handle stressful situations, calmly and with confidence
  4. Step UP  and learn how to stay motivated and keep working towards your goals when faced with challenges and set-backs.
  5. Step UP and learn how to tune into other people and respond to how someone is feeling without them telling you in words.
  6. Step UP  the skills required for handling relationships, motivating people, preventing misunderstandings, and conflict, and being the kind of person people like to work with.
  7. Step UP and increase your personal power, impact and influence.
  8. Step UP and be clear on your passion and purpose. Be enthused and whistle while you work.
  9. Step UP – Your Look by knowing what your clothes are saying about you?
  10. Step UP  And shine. What’s the next step?

 What is the Step UP & Shine Course?

Step UP & Shine is an eight month course which starts each month.

Step UP & Shine is about changing the way you work, so that you feel calmer, more confident, more motivated, more efficient and happier by simply changing the way you think about things.

Step UP & Shine is about learning about YOU and what makes a difference for YOU. As such I do not present myself as someone who has all the answers but rather as someone who can stimulate you to learn what makes a difference for yourself.

Step UP & Shine is about taking actions every day over the course of eight months that bring you closer to your achieving your full potential. Your mid-career years can potentially be some of the most exciting times of your life, but with so many changes happening all at once, stepping out and starting your own business, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by it all, to run out of steam, and give up. To stop this you are supported along the way with one to one coaching, online learning materials, and developmental homework.

Step UP & Shine is for people from all walks of life: Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Consultants, Coaches, Business Owners, Police, Service Professionals, Technicians, Trainers, Managers, Engineers, Sales and Marketing, the list is endless.

What will I be committing to?

1. You will be committing to 60 minutes of one to one coaching with me per month, either face to face in Basingstoke or via Skype.

2. You will receive course materials on core NLP foundation skills and developmental tasks to work on each month at your own pace.

3. You commit to complete your homework and developmental tasks.

4. You commit to focus on one module every four weeks where you are challenged to make small changes, day by day, to create the results you want in your day to day working life.

5. I want you to find this learning inspiring and to support you in working out and achieving what you really want .

6. After eight months you will have the NLP foundation skills equivalent to Stage One of an NLP Practitioner programme. You could then go on and study Stage Two and achieve NLP Practitioner. on our Step UP & Be Brilliant course.




I’m offering 5 Places of ONE TO ONE Step UP Coaching



Why work with Angela?

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I work with people who have come to a crossroads in their careers, and want to step up and make big changes.

Essentially people come to me when they are confused, frustrated, discontent and want to do something different with the next 15-20 years. Making changes of any kind isn’t rocket science but the fact is, change is rarely without challenges and taking responsibility for creating the life you want is most certainly a challenging thing to do, no matter how motivated you are.

In a one hour Skype or face to face session, I support my clients from all over the world to think, feel and behave differently so that they can take the actions they need to get what they really want. Published for making a statistically significant improvement in the leadership capability of doctors by a respected leadership journal, I have a pretty high success rate with clients.  Sessions are fun, life changing, and thought -provoking.

I’m passionate about the programme because I’ve lived it. A few years ago as New Year 2007 beckoned I felt anything but dynamic. 2006 had been a tough year for me on many levels and I had found myself at a career crossroads. So I set myself the challenge to Step Up and lead my life on my terms.

In the following years my life changed beyond belief. I stepped up and changed my career, retrained as a coach, started a business, and was invited to become a tutor for the Institute of Leadership and Management. And most importantly I supported hundreds of others to make a positive difference in their own lives.

How much does it cost?


I’m offering 5 Places of ONE TO ONE Step UP Coaching with NLP Foundation Skills


Sign up and complete the registration form below. I look forward to working with you.