An Invitation to Attend The Careersafterforty Empowerment Day

Location: Sheepdrove Farm, Lambourne, Berkshire

Date: February 23rd 2013

Time: 10am-5pm

Price: £145

Join us for a time of connection, inspiration, and communication

The Careersafterforty Empowerment Day is the first step towards becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner.


As the new year approaches, you probably start thinking about SMART goals, NLP outcomes and a thousand ways of doing the same thing but called another name. Add them to a New Year’s resolution and what happens? Not much! A few weeks or months and most people will let it drop. Why?

Because it all feels wrong.

It’s not that I’m anti-planning – plans can be nice. Comforting. It’s just that I’m in the midst of (have been for 7 years) learning to live in a whole different way.

  • A way based on connection, collaboration, and courageous communication.
  • A way that is human, (not super-human), emergent, and truly mine – not a cookie cutter from someone else.
  • A way (mostly) free of forcing, 7-step-formulas and complicated techniques
  • A way built from the inside out.

Attend the Careersafterforty Empowerment Day and learn how to use Angela’s transformational, empowerment tools in your career, business and life.

Join us at the Careersafterforty Empowerment Day, where you will discover how to create the life you want and deserve.

What will we actually do?

  • Join a gathering of other wonderful men and women and enjoy facilitated learning, group work, and personal reflection time and fun, to prepare the path of your success.
  • Learn how to clear limiting self-beliefs and restrictions that clutter your growth and stop you from achieving your full potential.
  • Come together to share ideas and stories, energy and inspiration, and attain greater clarity.
  • Create your unique Careersafterforty Action Plan and end the day feeling inspired and ready to change your life.

Led by Angela and the team, in a safe, space where you can be yourself, you will connect with other like minded people who will no doubt become an important part of your community.

Plus you will:

  • Understand what makes you unique and being able to spot the uniqueness in other people.
  • Discover what you are capable of, and the unique talents you have and could be using more of.
  • Learn what has to be true for you to believe in yourself, and have the confidence and self-motivation to just go for it.
  • Achieve personal and professional growth.
  • Get the tools to become the leader of your own life.
  • Receive an introduction to Module One of the certified NLP Practitioner Programme.
  • Understand what success means to you and you need to do to attract it.

Intensive collage

By attending a Careersafterforty Empowerment Day you will begin the qualification process to:

  • To coach yourself and others using NLP tools and processes
  • Run a Careersafterforty Empowerment Circle
  • To be eligible to join our NLP Practitioner programme

What to bring:

Journals/ books and luscious pens you like to write/draw with. Please bring a few different colors. I’ll have pens, too.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes Also bring shoes and a warm coat that allow for an outside activity, should the weather allow.

We will have snacks, spring water, and a seasonal organic lunch is included.

Getting there:

beech%20room500x375Sheepdrove Farm, Lambourne , Berkshire-Note you will need a car to get to Sheepdrove Farm and we will use the Careers After Forty Facebook page for ride sharing if you wish to share a taxi from Wantage Rail Station. This is to save people money and save carbon impact. Watch for details after you sign up.

Registration: £145.00

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