You’ve probably heard the old saying; ‘never work with animals’. Yet learning how to effectively communicate with animals – notably dogs – can ultimately lead to success in managing people.

As a competitive canine sportswoman, I have always been intrigued with the parallels that can be drawn between dog interactions and human interactions. The skills needed to get Fido to follow, without using dominance or coercion, are the same ones that are needed for successfully leading and influencing people.

In January 2013 I launched Pawz4Thought UK, the first company in the UK to deliver canine assisted learning to help business people deal with a range of business situations, including leadership issues and challenges.

Pawz4Thought involves exploring the bond between people and dogs as a means of enhancing the communication skills needed for effective leadership. This training takes a very different approach to help you identify any areas of weakness, strengths, clarify communication, develop strategies, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.

But the real value comes from seeing how the skills you discover during the programme can be effectively translated to your business, work, and home life.