Tracey Coach Training

Tweet: Great day today with fellow trainee coaches. Looking forward to day two tomorrow #leadership

Jo – Coach Training

“Angela is an excellent coach, mentor and facilitator. She demonstrates passion for what she does; and uses a blend of  coaching methods that really work. Angela is warm, encouraging and patient. I would recommend her to anyone seeking the guidance of a highly competent and professional expert in this field”

Mike – Personal Coaching

“Angela is an inspirational coach with a passion for promoting learning and personal development. Angela’s quiet, positive and thoughtful work has given me new and invaluable insights into my coaching practice, and has aided me in making key career and business decisions. Angela’s approach is powerful and thought-provoking, and has delivered measurable results for myself… Read More

Annalise – Unleashed Workshop

 “I am amazed at the learnings and insights I obtained. It made me realise that in my own business I don’t like too much responsibility but as a new business perhaps I need to take this responsibility on board.”  

Claire, Personal Coaching

“I really like Angela’s approach. Her passion shines through and she has a lovely fun, honest and approachable style . She provided me with the wisdom of her experience but also encouraged me to step outside my comfort zones.”  

Simon – Personal Coaching

You can’t imagine how much one hour on the phone with you has unlocked a “door” into my more effective coaching.

Jane – Corporate Coaching

I had an extremely surreal experience during a meeting when I decided to be myself, align myself with what’s important to me…and the whole atmosphere of the meeting changed like magic. We spent a lot of time talking about values not just business, it was a more relaxed atmosphere and I got great feedback….you’re a genius!

Jude – Unleashed Workshop

An ingenious combination of fun and learning. Angela’s excellent direction and enthusiasm were evident in both the introduction with the dogs and the following workshop. A highly effective way to to have first hand experience of the importance of communication and collaboration

Caroline – Unleashing Leadership

“Angela has a really different way of helping you to develop yourself. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of learning, which Angela makes feel effortless. She is great to work with – good ideas, and a pleasure to do business with.”

Diane – Corporate Training

A really different team building day where I learnt a lot about myself and others. The facilitators were excellent and they managed to get the most out of everyone. Thank you!

Mel – Speaking

If you’d told me that day that I’d learn so much from a dog, I’m not sure I’d have believed you. It was invaluable learning I still use 2 years on.  

Meg – Corporate Coaching

Angela exudes warmth.  When you’re in a room with Angela you feel invincible like you can achieve everything you want to and more!

Alastair – Unleashing Potential Retreat

Angela is wise, experienced and inspirational. She not only teaches her craft meticulously but provokes her clients to exceed their personal boundaries, to gain deeper insights, broaden their horizons and gain greater self-awareness.

Marion – Unleashing Potential Retreat

Angela’s belief that people have all the resources they need to enable greatness to flourish was a constant source of energy and positivity to me. Angela embraces this in her own attitude to life, sharing and inspiring others.