Ward Sister

I’m grateful to have learnt so much in such a short time. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how I influence others. I’ve recognised my strengths and weaknesses, and feel really positive about some changes I’m going to make. I’ve eaten lots of chocolate, sweets, made new friends, reconnected with others, and most importantly laughed my way through most of the day! A great course and excited that there’s still 1 day to go 😊 All in all, feeling more positive and relaxed. Thank You Angela Watson.

Published by Angela Watson

I write and talk about the stuff that's inspired my own journey so far, the lessons I’ve learned, and the insights I’ve seen that have made a difference to the way I live and the lives of others. I have a penchant for wonky cottages, modern rustic interiors, and golden retrievers. I also run a training and development consultancy www.angelawatsoncoaching.com, and I'm the founder of The Tree Shirt Project - supporting global reforestation, one Tree Shirt at a time.