Build your nursing team with an educational and truly unique team building activity made totally relevant to nursing by experienced nurses, coaches, and facilitators.

Nursing teams are challenged to step into the ring to learn and grow whilst navigating a fiendish course of jumps, cones, and obstacles. Expect your nursing team to be taken out of their comfort zones and challenged to complete the course with accuracy and precision. If a dog can complete the course with style and flair, why shouldn’t a team of intelligent nurses? Simples! Or is it?

Some benefits of the programme:

  • Decrease ‘lone wolf’ syndrome, increase team cohesion
  • Appreciate difference and increase understanding
  • FUN, easy, participation for EVERY nurse.



 The Alternative Dog Show covers three key areas:

  • Communication and Collaboration: Your nurses will learn how to communicate effectively so they can direct, coach, and be prepared to give non-judgemental feedback.
  • Leadership and Empowerment: Your staff will learn how to show up as effective leaders and effective followers at work. This added flexibility will empower nurses to approach leadership with creativity and flexibility.
  • Listen and Learn. Nurses will receive tools to enable them to listen and have rich, “what matters” conversations, acting quickly on the issues that surface. This leads to more staff engagement and less staff turnover.

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