NLP Practitioner In Turkey

In Kas, the Land of Light, nestled in between the mountains and the sea, magic floats across the olive groves and the ancient tombs. Here, where free spirits have communed with travellers for hundreds of years. A place for new beginnings, a natural source of inspiration, where goat bells merge with the call to prayer, where a profusion of jasmine and lemon fills the air, and invisible cicadas sing in the moonlight. A real Turkish delight.

And it is here at this very special place on the planet, where the magic happens and people move into their full authentic power.

And it is here where I invite an intimate group of like (and un-like) minded people once a year on a journey of transformation and empowerment…introducing you to the most up-to date skills and thinking, that are making a big impact on the world of personal development today.

We work from the private, shaded terrace while enjoying full views of the mediterranean from sunrise to sunset.

We explore together the qualities needed for personal and professional fulfillment that we so often take for granted through an experiential programme of exploring, reflecting, authentic expression and deep, personal journeying.

I take my guests on this well-proven journey accompanied with fun, laughter, delicious food, and great companionship. A new community of international men and women from around the world is born at each intensive many of whom have stayed friends and working colleagues.

Alongside an enjoyable NLP programme of transformation and change, I work with each member of the retreat on a personal one-one basis, coaching them personally and professionally to achieve their outcomes…

After twenty years of leading change in complex organisations, and 5 years of developing programmes for managers, doctors, nurses, coaches in leadership, Angela Watson uses a unique process for the realisation of your highest potential. In her retreat she integrates Clean Language principles with NLP processes and personal fulfillment techniques, to create a holistic blueprint for what you want to have happen.

This NLP programme focuses on all areas of life relevant to modern leaders including relationships, careers, emotional well-being and mental resilience. She introduces you to her personal success keys and to stimulating exercises and action learning that will guide you through to what you want to have happen. You will create a new vision of your true potential and life aspirations, and develop the leadership skills to make that vision a reality.

One to One

We will work together on an individual as well as a group basis, offering my professional and personal guidance to create your life and work plan now. The course will equip you with:

  • A deepended sense of purpose
  • A sense of congruence when facing life’s challenges.
  • A set ot tools for decreasing stress, anxieties and fears
  • Increased creativity and an advanced capacity for enjoyment
  • Improved mental clarity for decision making, planning, and action
  • The ability to ask questions about yourself in a way that invites constructive and balanced responses for yourself.
  • Practical tips to apply NLP and Clean modelling methodology on an ongoing basis.
  • And an effective personal development plan to ensure your future success

Course Outcomes

  • Connect with yourself and embrace the truth of who you really are
  • Know clearly what you want
  • Have an ease and confidence in yourself that allows you to achieve what is truly important without stress or undue effort
  • Embody the keys to personal development and learn how to use these ideas to enhance your outcomes both at work and in life.
  • Embrace and learn from all of your emotions
  • Learn how to release the talents you have and liberate your potential
  • Be comfortable in the company of others – whoever they are and whatever they want
  • Work with language to create the outcomes you want for yourself
  • Work elegantly in an ecological and clean way
  • Encourage others to discover their strengths and their natural effectiveness
  • Discover powerful insights and self-awareness
  • Coach yourself and others to increasingly become the best that you and they can be.
  • Realise a commitment to learning through feedback
  • Expand your awareness so that you can really start to experience your life in an intense and highly meaningful way.
  • Develop serenity in the face of uncertainty and the unknown
  • Clarify your goals and develop the confidence to go for it.

Successful attainment of the course outcomes, will equip you with the credentials for becoming a certified NLP Practitioner.

Discover your purpose Learn to be a conscious, authentic leader in all aspects of your life Challenge your self-limitations Be present; create your future Grow, Develop and Make a Difference

Feedback from the last course

What Alison said

Angela provides a high standard of training, which is good value for money and fun. Learning is thought provoking, interactive and life changing. The course has improved my communication skills and as a result has enabled me to have a better relationship with my family, work colleagues and clients. It has given me a whole raft of problem-solving tools that again can be used on a personal or professional level. It has given me the confidence to believe that “I can and I will” rather than “I may and I might”. As a result I have just embarked on a new business venture that will lead to me meeting new people and being able to share these skills and learnings with them to enable them to make a difference in their lives. I highly advise giving one of her courses a go. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Alison Thompson, Southampton

What Alison wrote

Ode To Turkey:

I came to Turkey to see the sea  I came to Turkey to learn NLP I came to Turkey to see the sun I came to Turkey to have some fun When I got to Turkey – a surprise in store When I got to Turkey I got so much more Each day was amazing, we dealt with some issues And Debbie and I; we got through some tissues! A man called Kazim, whom I think we agree Has NLP skills right off to a tee. And now, what a shame, it has come to an end But into the future we’ll take our new friends Through sun, wind and hail and showers of snow On our own Starfish Enterprise, wherever it goes And now I am home I can safely say My new NLP skills come with me every day The learnings, the outcomes, the experience I had Have made my life richer and happier; not sad As I move further forward in the life that I seek I know I’m more confident in the way that I speak I know I have options and choices to make But they hold no fear, just opportunities to take So if you’re reading this and wondering what’s next Go right ahead and send Angela a text Why wait any longer, when you could already be On your way to a life full of endless possibility? Alison, Southampton

What Pat Said

The course in Turkey is in my mind perfect. It gave me the ability to divorce myself from my normal world and to concentrate my learning experience for the whole time I was there. Angela’s beliefs and commitment are reflected in the thoughtful way she presents the course and how she relates to individuals and the group as a whole.Mark compliments Angela’s style by being Mark…he has the strength of his own beliefs and experiences and he gives others the chance to learn by relating these in his amazing storytelling. ” Patrick Madden,Carlisle

You will find yourself with a diverse and international group of like-minded individuals and couples, in this magical region of Turkey. The villa is situated on the exclusive Kas peninsula and has breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea from the terrace and the private infinity pool. The pretty town of Kas is a five-minute drive from the villa offering a host of shops, restaurants and bars. The town is built around the remains of ancient Antiphellos, and there are ruins of a Hellenistic theatre, the monumental Lion Tomb, and some hillside rock tombs in and around the town. Despite the development of what was once a simple fishing village, Kas still preserves its small-town charm, with narrow cobbled streets and novel boutique shops.

You will enjoy a healthy and delicious local cuisine, and several additional activities, such as walks, boat cruises, kayaking, are all optional. You can expect to leave the course with a renewed inner core of strength, energy and vision together with practical tools for a broad application in all aspects of your life. You will be ready to live your life to its fullest potential and help others to do the same.

What happens on the course?

Our team will provide all lunches

Saturday: Arrive. Welcome dinner at 7.30pm

Sunday: 10am-5.30 Module 1: Flex Your Mental Muscles

We spend the first two days with you opening wide the doors of your perception. This module is called “Flex Your Mental Muscles” and we work on expanding your awareness so that you can really start to experience your life in an intense and highly meaningful way. Opening awareness armors us to meet the stress of life by helping build serenity in the face of stress and uncertainty. We’ll also be working with you to clarify your goals giving you the confidence to go for it. This session focuses on the first two Success Keys:

•Embrace opportunities

•Create what you want

You will rediscover the fun of having creative insight, your own inner serenity and the confidence to face the unkown.

Monday: 10am-5.30pm Module 1 cont:

Tuesday 10am-5.30 Module 2: An Invitation to Be Your Best.

NLP development and personal development through facilitating course participants with NLP and Clean models to explore what’s important to you and what you want to have happen in the future.  We also explore who you are when you are truly being yourself :This session is based around the next two Success Keys:

•I know who I am

•I am true to myself

You’ll leave with your own personal Credo about who you are when you’re truly being authentic, with clarity about what this means now and for your future.

Wednesday: Free day/Boat Trip/Excursion/

Thursday: 10am-5.30pm Workshop 3: Feel Fabulous.

This session is designed to build self-belief so that you can do the very best you can with the unique talents you have and the opportunities you can find. Accept what you are, make note that no-one is perfect, and resolve that you will build on what you are now within a consciously chosen self-image of authetnicity and responisbility. We focus our minds on the next two Success Keys:

•You are enough

•You are responsible for your results

Learn how to free yourself from the restrictions and limiting self beliefs that hinder you from achieving your full potential. Plant the roots of your courage and confidence and grow your strength and wisdom. Go beyond your fears and limitations believing that “anything is possible”.

Friday: 10am -5.30 Workshop 4: One Life, Live It

This is the workshop that brings everything together. This session is based around the final two Success Keys:

•Express your uniqueness

•Be certain of your success

We’ll review how far you’ve come and encourage you to express your uniqueness in a creative way. We’ll show you how to set compelling, life changing goals, so that you can be confident in the future. You will be able to celebrate having made the changes you set out to achieve and making the very best you can with the opportunities you find.

Saturday: 10am Depart Rooms


Dates for 2012:

October 27th – November 3rd 2012

Location: Kas, Turkey

Price Option 1: £1,750 for twin accomodation

Price Option 2: £1,950 for single accomodation

Price Option 3: £2,250 for single accomodation with ensuite bathroom.

Pyament Terms: Space is held upon receipt of deposit (1/3 of total price) confirming reservation. All reservations must be paid in full 45 days prior to the event. Cancellation within 30 days will receive a 50% refund, in less than 30 days there will be no refund. Payments plans are available.

Discounts: Discounted pricing is offered for group bookings (2 or more)

Earlybird Discount of 10% for booking confirmed with deposit 8 weeks in advance.

Plus and extra 5% Discount for graduates of HumanTechnics, Gallhager Training Initiatives, The Practice Leaders Programme, and Wessex Deanery.

The NLP Practitioner Intensive is the second part of the credentials to become a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Prerequisites: We recommend that you have studied at NLP Diploma level, ILM level 7 coaching certificate, or equivalent

Book your NLP Intensive course now for October and benefit from early bird discount…to find out more and reserve a place for a later programme please email

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