My training starts with the experience, reflects on what’s happening, and then uses what emerges from these reflections as the basis for learning and subsequent practice.

My style of training is often described as emergent in the sense that I work with what is happening in the moment in the context of the outcomes of the programme. For me this is what training is all about – being flexible in the moment, real time, sensitive to what is happening with me and others.

I strive to create learning environments that genuinely support people to achieve their outcomes and be uniquely themselves.  I believe that a trainer is a designer of experiences and I have taken that to include experiences with other species, as well as exercises within the context of a programme.

I embrace innovation – new techniques, approaches, information, and ideas – whenever it can make a real contribution to our learning.

I do not teach tools, techniques, and models or offer qualifications for their own sake. They are a few of the many resources that I am fortunate to have available to me, but these do not define me or my training. My journey with coaching has never been just about the  tools or the ‘badge’, It’s all about people and a way for people to express who they are. Even the most straightforward and traditional training can be strengthened by a greater understanding of people.

I believe that learning can affect people in profound ways, and that a spirit of collaboration and sharing is essential to true progress in developing this potential.

The act of learning engages all the senses as well as the mind. Preparing and delivering training could be the most complex and comprehensive art. To facilitate  the full expressive potential of human learning, I collaborate with coaches and trainers, with consultants and authors to designers and managers. I also believe in the collaboration and generosity amongst trainers and coaches; a readiness to share ideas and information, together with full acknowledgement of those who modify and create new methods and techniques.