True coaching is a meaningful process. It’s an exchange that involves emotion, expression, listening, understanding and connectedness..

I’m not the typical ‘action-plan’ or ‘6 step strategy’ coach. Quite the opposite actually. I’m the one people call when they are at a career crossroads. When something unexpected happens. When they’re in transition and uncertain about the future. I’m definitely the one they call when they’re thinking about taking a big leap.

Not because I have all the answers. Because I don’t.

But because I promise to hold the space and give you a good listening to.This kind of  attention helps you to listen to and actually hear yourself, to be in the moment with your thoughts and to show up to yourself. Want me to help you?

It’s really easy.

We need a chemistry call. I need to know how we connect and if the feeling is mutual.

As you might expect, what I offer is very much centred around what you want but typically this is how it works.

We schedule a 50 minute Skype conversation. You tell me what’s going on and I start coaching. It’s that simple. And there’s no ongoing commitment.

It’s £150 for the chemistry call. As much I’d love to do chemistry calls for free it’s not emotionally or financially viable.

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