If you find it a hassle making travel arrangements, I’m totally with you. It is harder to get to places than it used to be, so let us all collectively sigh… and then remember it’s worth it to get the unique experience we want. Travel is the start of an adventure!

And if you worry about being away from home and what will you eat and wear and what will the people be like, yes, me, too! But then I think about never leaving home and how that will shape my future, and I start packing my bag.

That said, more info can help fear dissolve or at least, let you pack. See if the info here helps and if it doesn’t, email me and I’ll help more – email  angela.pgd@hotmail.co.uk

Questions I would Ask if I were Coming to Kas, Turkey for the popular Turkey Intensive Retreat.

Can I get there in one day or do I have to come the night before?

You can get there in one day from most European locations. You need to be in Kas the evening of Saturday 25th May by 7pm. 5pm could be good. 4pm is delicious. We offer a “getting settled” BBQ starting at 7pm.

Where do I fly into?

Dalaman or Antalya Airport, Turkey. You will need a £10 note for your visa to enter the country. It takes about 3 hours to drive to Kas. You can book a taxi through us, or get a taxi yourself at the airport. If you do book a taxi, book it one way only because you might be able to share a ride back to the airport with someone.

What time do we end on May 31st?

We end at 4pm. We end on time because people may need to leave. Most people choose to book an extra night’s stay and leave Kas on Saturday 1st June.

Can I share a ride with someone?

As soon as you register, we will ask you for your flight times and put you in touch with people who are on the same flight so you can say hi and organise to share a taxi ride.

Where do I stay

Hotel Club Arpia:

This is the most popular choice with our delegates. It is private and peaceful. You stay in simply furnished, air-conditioned, en-suite rooms overlooking the sea or the gardens in a lovely setting with it’s private beach platform, hammocks, and traditional Turkish seating areas. The price varies on the type of meal arrangements you choose. The hotel is a 10 minute walk (up hill) to where we hold the course. (You can catch the Dolmus, to take you to the course venue if needed). Kas town is 5 minutes via Dolmus from the hotel offering a host of shops, bars and restaurants.

Villa Sunset

This is also the venue for the course. Villa Sunset is a modern fully equipped villa, 5 minutes drive from Kas town, with modern, spacious air-conditioned rooms with en-suite or shared bathroom. There are 3 rooms available on a room only basis, but there is a fully equipped modern kitchen where you can prepare your own breakfast and supper. And fresh bread is delivered daily to the Villa.

What do we eat?

The best food imaginable! Truly amazingly healthy, diverse, delish, freshly cooked meals using Turkish ingredients! Mark does a pretty good job with vegetarian and dietary requirements. Just let him know. You can store food in the fridges if you have more special needs. Refreshments are available all day. Lunch is included every day of the course.

Is everybody having a mid-life crisis?

Not at all! Some people are transitioning, some people are changing direction, some are starting new careers now the children have flown the nest, some are working on a specific project or starting a new business,  and everyone has their own specific outcomes for the course. Lives have changed as a result of this retreat but far more hearts and minds have been replenished.

Do we get assessed?

No! Kas is about space and an inspirational place to learn. I do teach everyday and there will be feedback, but it’s 90% about how you interact with yourself and get out of your own way and 10% craft. It’s a very safe space that allows great learning to emerge and flow.