About Me

Angela Watson

Golden Retrievers, coach, coach trainer, designer of learning experiences.

One of the UK’s top coach trainers, Angela Watson is fascinated by minds, communication, and the art and science of integrating animal assisted interventions and coaching psychology.

In 2007, Angela left corporate life to become a MidLife Career Transitions Coach. And despite having zero knowledge of coaching or running a business and no background in tech, marketing, websites, blogs -or anything that you’d have thought would be useful to know – she went on to have a thriving career in coaching and personal development. At the same time she threw her considerable passion and drive into learning to train Golden Retrievers as an experiment in better understanding how people learn and what it takes to achieve mastery.

When she’s not taking her tribe of Golden Retrievers for a run around the field, she designs and delivers universtity and ILM accredited coach training courses for the UK’s top coach training school, HumanTechnics ,where she helps outstanding coaches do what they love and really make a difference for their clients.

Now, as she heads into her 10th year in the coaching and training industry, her new focus is on a few topics that have become important to her during her life as a coach and animal trainer. One is integrating two relatively new research areas: coaching psychology and animal assisted interventions. Another is including animal assisted interventions in personal and organisational contexts as a means for enhancing interactional and social skills, productivity, teamwork, goal achievement, life experience, psychological well-being, and happiness.

Angela’s been published in The International Journal of Clinical Leadership, ILM Edge Magazine, and the book, Essential Career Transition Coaching Skills, written by author, Caroline Talbott. Angela’s passions are her Golden Retrievers, competitive dog obedience, and her latest favourite thing, what Angela calls ‘vanping’ (like camping but in a van).

The photos, in the Pawz Gallery  were taken by talented photographer, Nicola Elliott for you to enjoy.